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Having worked in the interiors industry for over ten years, I established myself as an interior designer and project manager. I’m Ephrat Timor and I partner with homeowners and private investors, like you, who are ready to invest and achieve a high yield.

I began my career in London, England as a merchandiser and displays designer for a California based retail company.

Moving back to the US, I began my interior design studies in California at the Interior Architectural Design Department of Santa Monica College and continued into the Architecture & Interior Design program at UCLA Extension.

For the first five years my design firm was specializing in retail design and commercial design. My first retail project was duplicated 3 times in 3 different Westfield malls locations both in and out of CA. We have designed prize winning awards which were duplicated throughout the numerous shopping centers of large corporations as Westfield , GGP, Simon , Etc.

The commercial field gave me a great opportunity to be creative and make statements that will leave a strong impression. I have always enjoyed designing and exploring with new materials and original concepts. This passion was carried on into the residential field, translated into personalized environments with functionality at top priority.
My passion is my work, and I’m dedicated to helping each client fall in love with their space. I work with each client every step of the way to ensure that my creations match their tastes. 

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